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Find Your Great with Cathleen

Meet Cathleen

Cathleen Harris is a Licensed Clinician, Serial Entrepreneur, Relationship Life

Coach, NFL Motivational Life Coach, and mother of 3 amazing daughters, Lily,

Anna and Mackenzie.

She believes in the process of getting out of your head and into your heart so you

can make decisions that honor who you truly are. If you do not do the work, to

change what has been holding you back, how can you expect to achieve different


Her process as a Relationship Life Coach is to guide women on the path towards

“Finding Your Great”.   Helping women find the love, passion, and clarity they've

always wanted in their life.  Whether as a Coach or Therapist , Cathleen is

authentic in her approach with a “no filter” type of style. Skilled at showing you

how to nurture your confidence and create a fulfilling life full of love, hope and the desire to continue to grow into the best version of you!  This belief forms the basis of all her entrepreneurial endeavors.  Her mission is to uplift and empower individuals to own all parts of their unique stories to fully embrace the courage to chase their dreams and find the life they have always desired. 

Her passion to empower women, including her 3 daughters, is to become self-reliant, create healthy relationships, and understand we are not in competition with anyone but ourselves.

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