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Happy New Years 2022!

Many might find New Year’s Eve “overrated”, however, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year, and create a vision for the New Year.

The New Year is a moment of quiet reflection. Reflect on the year gone by; of the happy gains and missed opportunities. Recount the good and bad of the past year. Introspect on your personal growth, and learn from the experience. The New Year is the time to ensure that we bring balance to our life with positive influences overriding the negative ones.

✔️ How can you be more fully YOU in 2022 and what’s stopping you?

✔️ What is no longer serving you in your life, and what do you want instead?

✔️ What does your soul want to let go of this year?

✔️ Will this be the year of purpose, or love, or courage, or connection?

As a psychotherapist, I’m not one to make resolutions, but encourage you to take some time to review your core values and deepest desires and let them inform your overarching purpose for the year.

We’re given this one precious life, so do what makes you happy, and sets your soul on fire!🔥

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