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Our Windshield of Life

There's a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror……..

The future is so much bigger than the past. Although we need the rearview mirror.

It's necessary to keep an eye out on what possible dangers could be closing in on us.

Bad habits, past mistakes, and poor decisions have a way of trying to catch up to us after we've long since passed them by. Just like rearview mirrors, "these objects may be closer than they appear".

We could think that the danger isn't close enough to harm us but on closer inspection is barreling towards us at a high rate of speed. We can choose to step on the accelerator and outrun them, or perhaps getting off on the next exit and taking a different road is in order.

Either way, constantly glancing at our rearview mirrors helps us to avoid whatever negative situation is trying to creep back toward us.

The windshield, however, is designed to allow the most optimal surveillance of what's in front of us. It's large, clear, and structured to protect us from the elements as we speed ahead.

They are specially made to crack but not completely shatter if a dangerous object tries to infiltrate. Our windshield of life should also be structured in such a way that allows us to see clearly into the distance and also cracks instead of shatters when bad decisions come flying at us.

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