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Get out of your way!

When life isn’t going your way, you can be quick to blame yourself.

That line of thinking shuts us down, puts us on the defensive, and narrows our possibilities to finding the life we truly desire.

YOU ARE getting in your way. To move forward and gain a new perspective, you need to begin thinking about your trajectory instead.

Something for you to think about? 🤔….

If everything worked out perfectly in your life, what would you be doing in ten years?

This line of thinking can open you up to new possibilities, instead of shutting you down. Moreover, by looking at your future trajectory, you can see the action you need to take to get there. Constant self-criticism will lead you further down the pessimistic rabbit hole.

Actionable tip;

You don’t want to be blindly optimistic. A balance between negativity and positivity is beneficial, as you’re able to see where you went wrong without blaming yourself too.

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