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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Grief is what you think and feel on the inside after someone you care about dies. Your grief will naturally be complicated by the cause of this death. If the person who died was young and otherwise healthy, that fact alone will affect your grief.


We typically feel a sense of injustice and a stolen future whenever a young person dies.

We may also often feel anger towards this person for leaving you, especially if you were very close to them. A part of you is now missing, and the person you counted on to be there for you is gone.


Whatever your complicated thoughts and feelings may be, your task now is to express them in healthy ways.


While grief is what you feel on the inside, mourning is what you do when you express your grief on the outside. Crying is mourning. Attending the funeral is mourning. Talking to others about the death is mourning. Over time, the larger part of your mourning will be about the loss of a special, unique person who was loved by you and others.


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