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Mental Health; Breaking the stigma

The stigma attached to mental illness has made it hard to publicly promote mental health awareness and resources to those who need them most. The more people that share their own mental health journeys will help continue the conversations and raise awareness to this important topic.

More importantly, the more we all begin to share with one another, that’s “it’s ok to not be ok” will increase the awareness of addressing your mental health needs. The more we all talk about the mental health struggles we’re facing, the more comfortable we slowly become around the importance of your mental health.

That you are NOT alone, and help is all around you.

Mental health vs. mental illness

One of the reasons why people are hesitant to seek help for their mental health issues is because they think that therapy and counseling are just for individuals who suffer from a mental illness. However, many people who experience feelings of anxiety and depression don’t have a clinical illness. Feeling overwhelmed by the world, your job, schoolwork, finances, or relationships is completely normal, and this stress is a perfectly valid reason to talk to a mental health professional. For students, especially in college, mental health issues are so common that they’re often seen as the norm. Just because you’re able to manage your stress and anxiety doesn’t mean you should have to endure it alone. You don’t have to be clinically diagnosed to make your mental health a priority in your life.

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