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Wake Up

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

We know down deep when our life is no longer working and we are suffering, struggling to make sense of what our life is currently, compared to what it once was.

But we deny our own knowing and tell ourselves, our bodies and instincts lie to simply carry on the charade.

We are asleep in our own life!

The ONE life we’ve been given, and we’re choosing to stay in a coma, because we think “losing the thing” is worse than “admitting it’s broken”.

We are so committed to our own images, of the way we “want” things to be or “wish” they were that we fall dead asleep in our own life and lose the ability to admit when something is absolutely broken.

YOU have the power and control to create the life you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s finding your true passion, dream job or discovering the love you’ve always wanted, YOU are in the drivers seat and capable of a life that truly brings you happiness!

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